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Spotting a fake Hermes belt can be very difficult because Hermes Belts are widely faked but as for this, along with the other designer belts, it is very hard to fake it properly. No matter what they do there will always be a slight mistake, a mistake not so slight that it would go unnoticed, it can be easily seen. For starters, Hermes’ belts are made out of the best materials they start from $800 and are made out of various skins. Replica Hermes’ belts can be recognized from the material that has been used and what kind of skin has been used to make the belt.

Replica Hermes Constance reversible Belt 42mm in Epsom Leather

Replica Hermes Constance reversible Belt 42mm in Epsom Leather

Hermes Buckle Belts:

  • The buckle will be made out of an expensive metal, possibly even real gold or palladium
  • The buckle will have Hermes written on it along with an accent on the second ‘e’
  • The buckle will not be hollow, it should be heavy
  • The buckle will not have any scratches on it
  • The metal should not have any chipping or tarnishing of the surface
  • The edges of the buckle would be very smooth and would be even, not leaving a mark
  • The buckle will have Made in France written on it on the inside of it
  • The buckle will never be shiny, it would be matte
  • Replica Hermes Shiny Golden H Buckle Belt

    Replica Hermes Shiny Golden H Buckle Belt

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If you take a look from above the buckle would have written Hermes on it. In other words, on the top of the buckle.

fake Hermes h belt back side leather is black with h silver buckle

fake Hermes h belt back side leather is black with h silver buckle

About fake hermes belts comments:

  1. I agree with you in principle on the enjoyment of spending money on quality made items. In this particular instance though, you’re not paying $1000+ because it’s handmade or the leather comes from the most luxurious cows to ever grace the earth. You’re paying the extreme markup for the name so you can, without the word, tell the world you can afford the extreme markup. If you’re buying a Patek, I agree wholeheartedly since you’re buying an heirloom. If you’re buying a belt that celebrities are going to shun in 3 years, I’d be unhappy that I dropped so much on a belt that is no longer in fashion. Paying markup for what could be a fad escapes me is all I’m saying
  2. not all boxes say “France” on the side. they used to, they also used to have the address on the top of the box. I bought a Kelly double tour and a Kelly perfume lock this July at Hermes in Union Square, SF and it doesn’t say France anywhere.
  3. Yes. On the backside of authentic buckles, there can be additional markings aside from made in France, no stamp, or just made in France.In no way does this mean that all buckles with made in France and additional stamping are authentic. Counterfeits vary as well.
    Replica Hermes Constance reversible Belt in Orange color Togo Leather replica Hermes Belt singapore

    Replica Hermes Constance reversible Belt in Orange color Togo Leather replica Hermes Belt singapore


How to Authenticate Hermes Constance H Belts

Packaging for hermes belts

Replica Hermes H buckle Constance belts are highly counterfeited. These gorgeous belts with an elegant H buckle make almost any outfit look more luxurious. Read this easy beginner’s guide on how to weed out fakes from the authentic Hermes Constance belts.

Knock off Hermes Constance Belt

Knock off Hermes Constance Belt

Just because a belt comes with packaging and/or a receipt, it doesn’t make the item authentic. The picture above shows counterfeit packaging including a receipt, price tag, box, ribbon, and more.

If the packaging is fake, it almost always means that the accompanying item is also counterfeit. So, what are some obvious giveaways?

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1. Authentic Hermes belts do NOT come with an orange authenticity card as seen in the above picture. This is some strange thing that some replicas come with.

2. An authentic Hermes belt box should not have any stamping inside of the box. Again, as seen in the above picture of the fake packaging, there is a round stamp with some words on the inside of the orange box.

Replica Hermes 42mm Reversible Orange belts

Replica Hermes 42mm Reversible Orange belts

3. If the border on the front of the box is misaligned or crooked, the packaging is fake.

Check the Leather type and color about hermes belts

Imitation Hermes Constance belts are always reversible. There will be 2 different types of leathers, one for each side. And most, but not all, Knock off Hermes Constance belts will also sport a different color on each side.

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Some authentication guides online state that the colors must be different for each side, but this is wrong. There is a LOT of bad authentication tips online, so please be careful. We take authenticity extremely seriously; 21topbag is focused on delivering great prices on AUTHENTIC designer items, so delivering accurate shopping tips is an absolute must.

fake vs Authentic Hermes Constance Goldtone H Buckle Belt 75 Reversible

fake vs Authentic Hermes Constance Goldtone H Buckle Belt 75 Reversible

The fake above shows a belt with the same leather type and color on both sides. This is a sign of a very obvious replica.

Hermes belts Leather Strap Stamps

Replica Hermes Constance belts have at least 3 different stamps on one side of the leather strap, including the Hermes Paris made in the stamp, a number that represents the size of the belt in centimeters, and a letter inside a circle or square that represents the year of manufacture.

1. If the belt is missing any of these 3 stamps and does not show any signs of severe rubbing, it’s obviously a counterfeit.

2. Another tip in regards to the leather stamping is that all year stamps with a circle and all year stamps with a square with an A or B should have the Replica Hermes Paris made in the stamp in gold or silver. If the belt has a square shape with a letter C or higher than the Hermes Paris made in stamp should be a clear imprint stamp.

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3. The number denoting the size of the belt should always be in centimeters (60,65,70… etc). It should never show it in inches (23,25,27… etc).

These are just some basic and easy authentication tips that would be helpful for most people. Very proper authentication performed for 21topbag listings is more intensive and specific.

knock off An authentic men's Constance Belt

knock off An authentic men’s Constance Belt


We’ve listed some ways to help authenticate a genuine Hermes bag.

Unfortunately, the fake Hermes bag market has been a massive problem for the brand as so many want to own a slice of fashion’s perfection. Despite an admirable “Real ladies don’t like fake” ad campaign counterfeits have also cost France dearly. It’s been reported that it has cost France between 30,000 to 40,000 jobs and €6 billion a year not mention their links to organized crime and drugs. However, with more education, there is hope for those looking to for genuine Hermes creations and at Bags of Luxury, we will always be here to help.



With a limited traditional hand-made supply and growing demand for the brand, Hermes has famously needed to be selective with its sales – which can leave many disappointed. For those who can’t wait, a trusted Hermes reseller is the best option for a genuine piece that can be bought regardless of previous experience with the brand. The one outright way to ensure the bag is genuine is to be lucky enough to buy straight from a Hermes showroom. However, as mentioned, not everyone gets this opportunity or at least doesn’t need to sit on a waiting list! We’d advise against buying from any site without a reliable address or buying on sites such as

Orange Hermes Kelly

Bags of Luxury are committed resellers of authentic Hermes bags and accessories
To kick it off, here are a few basics tips to tell if a Hermès bag is real or fake.
The Packaging
We’ll start with the packaging. Just remember, don’t throw it away. Especially if you’d like to gift it or resell later to cash in on your investment! The Hermes signature orange has been with us since the 2nd World War and there are said to 188 sizes.
Is there an authenticity card inside? Unless it’s an exotic skin product then it’s a fake, Hermes never put authenticity cards inside. An exotic skin Hermes will come with a CITES certificate though so look for that.
Check for any blurring on the logo, it should have fine detail and that it’s the correct design. It should have a double circle surrounding the image of the man and horse. Also, look out for a double line under the horse and the brown drawstring to this bag must be made from 100% cotton.
World Class Leather
Naturally, Hermès only ever use the finest leather taken from its specially sourced suppliers around the world. There should be no doubt about its quality. A Hermes craftsman often takes 2 – 4 days to make one bag by hand.
Does it have rigidity and hold its shape well? Check the type of leather behaves the way you were expecting. Clemence leather will be softer than other types, so do check.
Are the feet evenly spaced apart?
Are there areas where it bulges?
Does the bag look as good on the inside as it does out? The majority of bags are finished in chèvre leather inside.
All Hermes handbags are hand stitched by expert artisans, fake Hermes won’t have the same quality or look machine stitched.
Ensure any zippers inside lying perfectly horizontally against the zip line.
Are the stitches not perfectly even? Yes? Good. All bags are made by hand by a skilled expert, you should always ensure that the bag looks like it has been handstitched. That means not all stitches will be perfectly even.
While precise care has been taken in the curation of the bag, not all stitches will be perfectly even and there is a slight slant to the stitches, but check they go in the same direction. If the stitching is flatter and perfectly even, then that shows it’s been made with a machine and it’s a fake.
Your hardware should look sharp and have the correct weight to it.
Are the engravings quite deep? This will be difficult to gauge without comparing to a real Hermes, but the engraving ‘HERMÈS-PARIS’ should be fine and delicate.
Is the ‘e’ accepted as ‘è’.
Does the hardware feel cold when out of sunlight? Fakes often use plastics and Hermes bags will only use top quality gold or palladium – never silver as silver can tarnish.
Does the toggle have a smooth action? It should turn smoothly. Fakes often get this wrong and have a rough feel to the movement.
Pay close attention to the markings. Depending on the year the bag has been being made, there are some subtle differences with a couple of recent changes to these in 2016.
Is the Hermes stamp in the right place, clear and the same color as the hardware? You should find the stamp under the flap close to the stitching “Hermès Paris Made in France”.
Look on the back of the right closure strap. You’re looking for the blind stamp which is a code to identify the year and the craftsman who made the bag. However, recently in 2016, there have been some changes. The year stamp moved from T to X and the letters are now found inside the bag towards the back left and no longer have a shape around the year stamp.
Just note, any vintage Hermès before 1970 does not feature any shape or year stamp at all. Between 1997 to 2015 they should be surrounded by a square. If the bag was made between 1971 to 1996 then the letters were encased by a circle.
Last but not least is the crochet. A beautiful signature aspect of the bag and should not be overlooked.
Have you been given two keys?
Was it made with two pieces of leather? No? Good! A Hermes bag will never use two pieces of leather while the and keys should be tall and wide with a good weight to them.
There should be a groove where the key goes into the lock and have a fine engraving of Hermès
We wish you the best of luck whatever you decide. However, you can rest assured we are a registered company and that Bags of Luxury always makes thorough checks on every Hermes bag and source from long-standing trusted contacts in the industry.

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